Rose Parade cancelled

Two years ago, the Northwest Waukee and Waukee High bands were selected to participate in the Rose Parade, but their trip was cancelled due to the pandemic.
Now they are back. The band practiced on their brand new football field on Thursday in preparation for the Rose Parade in January this year.
They have a special guest on Thursday. Bob Miller, chairman of the Rose Tournament, visits musicians in the city and raises funds for student travel.
The cost of participating in the Rose Parade is approximately US$3,000 per student. This is why Waukee is hosting a grand event tonight, and the proceeds will be used for students in need.
“Some families are basically able to raise or pay between US$2,500 and US$3,200 for each student, but some families struggle with this. But the important thing is that every child has the opportunity to participate in the band,” Miller said.
The fundraising evening will be held at Holmes Murphy and Associates at 6 pm on Thursday and will include live and silent auctions.
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Post time: Oct-08-2021


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