Chinese flower arrangement history tips you didn’t know

Chinese flower arrangement grows with the development of Chinese culture. The history of Chinese flower arrangement is almost the history of Chinese social life and cultural development.

The earliest truly Chinese-style flower arrangement appeared in the Tang Dynasty. In the mural of the tomb of prince Zhang Huai in the Tang Dynasty, there appeared a pan flower imitating the natural scenery.

Although some people think it might be a bonsai, the tang Dynasty ouyang Zhan’s prose “Fu on Spring Plate” records that people in the Tang Dynasty made “spring plates” that imitated natural scenery with artificial flowers. ”Many things and beautiful women make a false dish for the ground, and embroider it as spring. Jungle equipment show, 100 hui for new.

A branch, Ye Tao Zhen’s beauty; Flowers and stamens, the poor god of Nature.” Scatterpoint layout is unique to Chinese landscape flower arrangement.

A similar pattern appeared in the West around the middle of the 20th century.

The rise of flower arrangement by literati came after flower arrangement had fallen from the sacred stage of religion. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, flower arrangement appeared more frequently in secular life due to the development of royal flower arrangement.

In the Song Dynasty, due to the rapid popularity of incense burning, tea ordering, flower arrangement, hanging paintings, the common literati began to contact a large number of flower arrangement.

As the status of the literati increased, the study, which had never existed in the past, gradually became an important part of Chinese architecture, which made flower arrangement for elegant people come into play and directly led to the rise of the literati flower arrangement.

Post time: Jan-04-2022


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