Double Ninth Festival

“Jiu Jiu” sounds like “jiu jiu”

So the Double Ninth Festival has a long meaning

Since the ancient times

Climbing a mountain is the traditional custom of double Ninth Festival

Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei once wrote

“Distant brothers climb, all the dogwood less one”

Become a famous sentence handed down through the ages

Autumn In October, clouds far clear sky

In the season of red maple leaves yellow

Go out for a fall outing with friends

The air is fresh up high

It makes you feel even more relaxed

Juyue is another name for the ninth month of the lunar calendar

Party feasting, chrysanthemum appreciation and poetry

It is also an important activity of the Double Ninth Festival

In ancient Times, Tao Yuanming “picked chrysanthemums under the East Hedge”

Today, chrysanthemum festivals are also held everywhere

Autumn night chrysanthemum, drink full moon

A wanderer far away from home

To the bright moon

Express my thoughts to my family



Post time: Oct-14-2021


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