Family flower arrangement

Speaking of flower arrangement, most people always think it is a very artistic thing and dare not try it easily. Even if you see beautiful flowers in a florist’s shop, you should just admire them, not buy them.

Actually, the flower arrangement of adornment domestic bedroom, can very optional, very simple, beautification household not only, rich life interest, still can show host individual character. Domestic flower arrangement chooses economy material benefit aptly, the commonly used flowers with strong seasonal sex will beautify bedroom, if the rose that often can see in the life, lily, carnation, calla lotus, gladiolus can choose to adorn household.

Domestic flower arrangement has very big flexibility and very strong individual character, as the change of the space presents different adornment effect. When arranging flowers, we must consider the composition well in advance, choose good patterns, pay attention to the color collocation, and strive for innovation, do not be rigid. Additional, still should according to the bedroom and need different undertake decoration.

Domestic flower arrangement pays attention to optional sex and individual character, pair of indoor dining-room, sitting room, bedroom and study, answer according to the different function of the bedroom and beautiful style, use the flower arrangement of different form.

Post time: Nov-29-2021


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