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It may be wise to do some research before investing in hydrangeas.No matter how your hydrangeas are cared for, their sun requirements, or even the hardiness or hardiness of your particular hydrangea variety, it’s worth the effort to understand yourself before you embark on your journey.One of the most popular questions surrounding hydrangeas is how to change their color, but what if you don’t want to change their color at all, but keep them the bright ivory color you started with?Southern Living Plant Collection Director Kip McConnell shares with us all the details on how to get the most out of your white hydrangea, from choosing the right variety for your garden to whether you can change their color.
“[White hydrangeas] are the perfect addition to cut flower gardens—large enough to be used as hedges or borders, they provide structure to a cut flower garden while still providing ample blooms.” – Kip McConnell
So you bought blue hydrangeas and they turned pink?Or did you choose the variety with the most stunning magenta petals, only to find it turns into a different shade the next season?While the color of blue and pink hydrangeas is affected by soil pH, white hydrangeas will remain white regardless of soil composition.That’s great news for those looking to make sure their pretty ivory-colored flowers stay that way.That being said, their color will naturally evolve as the season progresses, but rather than fighting it, embrace it.
“Many white hydrangeas start their blooming season with bright yellow-green buds that turn crisp white as the season changes,” McConnell said.”As fall approaches, some varieties dry out to a vintage white or warm tan.” He recommends leaving these blooms on the plant for a bit of winter visual interest, or adding them to dry arrangements or in autumn wreath.
There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a white hydrangea variety, starting with appearance.”You want to look for a hydrangea that maintains color, has large, showy flowers, and is easy to care for,” McConnell says. Strong stems and branches will produce the most showy results, keeping those large flowers upright and frontal and center.Determining your sun needs and how much care you’re willing to pay are also important factors to keep in mind before choosing a white hydrangea.
There are a variety of white hydrangeas to choose from, whether you’re looking for varieties that are hardy and drought tolerant, or those that grow quickly.White wedding hydrangeas are a beautiful choice for impactful clusters, accent plantings or cut flowers in the garden.McConnell also recommends Tara Hydrangea, “a beautiful oak-leaf hydrangea that produces dazzling double-white panicles in spring and rich red foliage in fall.” If you’re looking for something a little more refined , the lace hat variety may call.They have short flowers in the middle and more prominent petals around them.
For a hydrangea variety that thrives in urban and rural environments, is deer resistant, and grows quickly (up to two feet a year!) in climates up to USDA Zone 9b, McConnell recommends Panicle hydrangea, or Hydrangeas .”Panicle hydrangeas have their signature cone-shaped, blooming flower spikes known for their ease of care, cold and drought tolerance,” says McConnell.Strong stems are especially important for panicle hydrangea, as their heavy blooms can weigh down the branches.White wedding panicle hydrangea varieties are known for their ease of care.”Gardeners get plenty of showy blooms for several months of the year,” McConnell said.
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