How to care for artificial flowers easily

Artificial plants are both beautiful and practical.While they don’t need the care that living plants require, such as watering and fertilizing, they still need regular cleaning to see best.Whether your flowers are made of silk, metal or plastic, dusting or cleaning delicate parts can be intimidating.However, you can learn how to clean artificial flowers effectively.

Weekly sprinkles move gently back and forth in areas where dust usually accumulates.The weekly dust will remove a little dust and keep the cleaner deep between cleans.As an alternative to the feather duster, you can use:

Microfiber cloth.

Set the hair dryer to low heat.

Vacuum cleaners with old socks are attached to the hose by rubber straps.If possible, set the vacuum cleaner to the lowest setting.

Use silk flower cleaning spray.Gently blowing flowers does not require wiping.You can buy sprays at department stores.

Cleaning sprays can be very effective, but they are usually very expensive.

Post time: Oct-25-2021


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