Learn flower arrangement, from the understanding of flower material

Flower arrangement is an ancient art, which has a history of nearly 5,000 years in China. It originated from offering flowers in front of Buddha, and was particularly popular in the Tang Dynasty.After experiencing its heyday and decline, now, with the improvement of people’s leisure life quality, the art of flower arrangement emerges once again.Many girls want to learn flower arrangement. First of all, they should start from understanding flower materials, see which flower materials are suitable for family flower arrangement, and how to use different forms of flower materials.

Flower material can be roughly divided into three categories: leaf appreciation, flower appreciation and fruit appreciation.Basically, anything that has ornamental value can be cut and used for flower arrangement.Even vegetables and fruits can be used as materials for flower arrangement, such as cucumber, pumpkin, eggplant, apple, banana and so on.

Of course, the material of flower arrangement is not limited to live plant material, sometimes certain dead branches and stem inflorescence, fruit sequence also have beautiful form and colour and lustre, it is very good flower arrangement material likewise.Although they are not as fresh and vibrant as flowers, they have a unique natural color.In addition, there are artificial flowers of various textures, such as silk flowers, plastic flowers, paper flowers, metal flowers, etc. Flower arrangements made with them can not only play a decorative role, but also more economical, and easy to manage.

Post time: Nov-15-2021


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