The bouquet that most brides overlook is worth taking seriously!

The floral arrangement of the wedding day is the focus of many fairies, but as the finishing touch of the day, it is easy to overlook the bouquet.

Holding flowers is to accompany the bride’s day of close-fitting decoration, out of the picture rate is quite high. A nice bouquet of flowers in both hands, not only is the concentrated essence of the whole wedding layout, but also for the bride’s overall LOOK add many points!

Bridal bouquets come in different sizes, shapes, color schemes and patterns. In the selection of players holding flowers, should be based on the wedding theme, style and the bride’s preferences, formal dress design.

The right choice of bouquet can make the bride’s image more beautiful, but also for the whole wedding.

And recent a few years, the hand of dried beautiful material is held in both hands more and more popular also, add a wild interest and natural taste in gao Jie, with white flower collocation, can create the advanced feeling that gives a kind of vogue.

TIPS for holding flowers:

1, white wedding dress is more, so colorful flowers as props and embellish will play a greater role, if you want to highlight the feeling of holiness, all choose white flowers, also must use green leaves foil.

2, decorate more wedding dress, can choose simple style, can also choose profusion, but to echo the decoration of clothes, let a person feel is matched.

3. The bride who decides to hold the flower throwing ceremony should choose the hand-held flower with a spherical bouquet, and can match some long ribbons. The scene when throwing will be very moving.

Post time: May-06-2022


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