Use this season-by-season care guide to promote the flowering time of peony

Peony plants have large, fluffy flowers and often exude a pleasant fragrance; they come in many colors, and depending on the variety, they may even show several shades. Known for their dark green leaves and large, sometimes top-heavy flower heads, these perennials do not require much care after initial planting-but there are still several tasks that need to be done throughout the year to ensure that your plants recover Strong and healthy. healthy. Earlier, Kaylyn Hewitt, the chief floral designer of The Bouqs Company, will share how to take care of your peonies in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
In late winter or early spring—depending on how cold winter is in your area—add a thin layer of compost around your peony bushes. “After your peony bush has grown from a foot of new growth (this happens in the middle of spring), apply slow-release fertilizer,” Hewitt added. This will ensure that your plants get all the nutrients they need to thrive after a long period of dormancy. If you have larger, more mature plants and worry that top-heavy flowers will cause them to collapse, install support structures before they become too big; you can trim old tomato cages to ensure your flowers stay upright.
Prune peonies throughout the summer growing season, but avoid cutting them short. “Unlike rose bushes, peonies do not require much pruning except to maintain their shape and control insects,” Hewitt explained. Be careful when pruning: make sure you don’t trim the stems that contain large round bulbs, which will produce the fluffy flowers that these stunners are known for.
Once the season is really over and the first frost has passed, perform deep pruning. Hewitt said: “Prune your peony shrubs to soil level to promote new, healthy growth in spring,” Hewitt said, noting that this usually happens in October or November, depending on where you are. area. This is also a good time to move plants or reproduce. “I recommend moving or breeding peonies at the end of the season, after you cut down the bushes,” she explained. “Dig out your roots and leave them as they are for a few days, so they will become softer and easier to cut.” When replanting, place the shrubs in well-drained soil with plenty of sunlight. However, Hewitt added that peonies should be transplanted carefully because they don’t like to be moved.
Because their bulbs are kept underground in cold weather, peonies do not need to be taken care of during this season. All you need to do is look forward to spring, when these beautiful and gorgeous plants will appear and bloom with brilliant flowers for the whole world to see.
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