West Sea freight “big dive”!

Recently, China to the West Of the United States sea freight has been a significant correction of the market attention, compared with September 10, 20586 DOLLARS/FEU (40 feet container) high, down nearly 5000 dollars, the decline reached 22.25%.Some freight companies even said that sea freight rates from Ningbo and Shanghai ports to the WEST Coast of the United States dropped in three days by three months

China and the United States shipping price callback, so that many suffering from skyrocketing freight prices of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to see the dawn.Why the west America freight rate back?How will shipping prices go in the future?A number of industry experts and practitioners to the Securities Times reporters said that the price correction is a normal phenomenon, with the cyclical reduction of orders, the increase of shipping capacity, shipping prices will gradually return to a rational level.

Post time: Oct-19-2021


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