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  • Sunflower


    Sunflower (scientific name: Helianthus annuus L.): It is a plant of the genus Asteraceae and Sunflower. Named after the inflorescence turns with the sun. Herbs annual, 1-3.5 meters high, up to 9 meters. Stems erect, rounded and angular, hard and hard white. The broadly ovate leaves are usually a...
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  • Artificial high quality tulip

    Artificial high quality tulip

    Perennial herb. The...
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  • Rose


    The rose contains more than 300 kinds of chemical ingredients, such as aromatic alcohols, aldehydes, fatty acids, phenols and oils and fats containing flavors. In the regular rose products, the stomach is awakened by soft liver, and the skin is spleen and blood, and the beauty is refreshing. Rose...
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  • Artificial lily flowers

    Artificial lily flowers

    Lily is a world famous flower that has been loved since ancient times. Originally born in the land of China, it has a long history of being transformed from wild to artificial cultivation. As early as the 4th century AD, people only used food and medicine. In the era of the Northern and Southe...
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